We don’t even act like we’re each other ex’s. It’s almost like we didn’t date at all. Lol. We made is so easy to forget each other. Of course, I had a harder time with the break up but all it took was two weeks for me to get myself together. Maybe because of the fact that, we didn’t go really far into the relationship. We were cowards and afraid to take steps forward. But I still think about it. I think about it all the time. Do you even spare a thought for me? I can’t even cry about it. I’ve tried. I’m usually a cry baby when I’m drunk but I didn’t cry this time. I felt bitterness only. I wanted to talk to you so many time and ask you questions but what’s the point. I’ll just hear something I don’t want to hear. In the end, I’ll just feel like a fool and you’ll keep going on with your life. So instead, I keep it to myself. What really matters is what we are doing about it and what we are doing is nothing.

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when u say a really clever comeback without stuttering


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